You do you, and do it well

A person I met recently had some simple but wise words: “some days will be crap. That does not mean we are crap. Sometimes our job may be, sometimes interactions will be, but we are not.” I have paraphrased a little because I cannot remember the exact words, but they held much truth.

A job we work can be difficult for any one of a number of reasons. Long hours, short term deadlines, clashing personalities, different ideas on how to reach a solution, where we are right now not matching well with where the organisation we work right now is. Some of these can be worked through with the relevant people, and ways of continuing in the position can be agreed upon. Others can detrimentally affect our wellbeing and require removing ourselves from the environment. I’ve said before and will say again: knowing which is which for you can be hard to figure out. What is important in all situations is to communicate honestly and openly about what we’re going through with someone we trust, and to let our colleagues know, in a way that is safe for us, that things are tough. Most importantly we must be honest with ourselves.

Not being ok is a legitimate way to feel and engage with. We can work forward from there even though some days that is really, REALLY, f*in hard. Our Minds can latch onto thinking about struggle we are experiencing rather than identifying solutions all too often. We need to acknowledge where we are, and how we can move forward. The second part of this can be tough. We might not believe we are worth the time it takes or the effort we must make to move forward to a better place. We might be told there are specific solutions to the “problem” of how we are feeling when actually nothing is “wrong” and simply what we need is time. We might suppress difficult thoughts and emotions that need to be engaged with and worked through, because we know we’re not ready to work through them yet. We might be too tired from fighting just to be ok, that moving forward is too much right now.

However you feel is how you feel. This is ok. Say it, know it, believe it. How we feel will change, and we can work on changing it in practical and pragmatic ways. Trust that how you feel is an honest representation of you right now, and not how society explicitly and implicitly tells us we should feel. Know that you are valid, your opinions are valid. Even more than that your story is worth sharing and your opinions are worth sharing. In the right context, with an audience willing to listen or, in some cases, needing to listen, and the right purpose, these are the most powerful advocates for change we can bring.

You are worthy of time. Your own, and time others give to you.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dearest readers. Peace.



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