Practice what you preach

Effectiveness and efficiency are two subjective metrics that get used in many jobs. There are ways they can be measured, or ways specific organisations choose to use them to measure things. A problem with them is no two people have the exact same skill set, thus their outcomes will be vastly different, even when undertaking the same task.

We are all doing our best, with where we are at and what we’ve got to work with at any given time. If we support each other, especially the people we don’t know, and encourage good to happen we can all improve what our best is each day.

I struggle to switch my mind off, specifically to separate out one train of thought in my mind which often has too much to say. This voice tells me I am unable to do something, I’m not qualified to do it, I don’t have what it takes, that someone else would be more suited or better at it. These can all be true statements about different things, but are false when it comes to others. Identifying whether each statement is a useful one and grounded in knowledge from the pragmatic part of my brain, or it is the subversive and subtle side of depression nagging away is difficult. Sometimes this verges on impossible, it seems especially so when knowing would be helpful.

Of one thing I am certain: doing what we can when we are able, asking for help when we need it, and offering help when we can, no matter how small the task may seem, will help us work on being the best we can be, together.

We will not excel at everything we try the first time, and there is no guarantee we will be suited for every thing we try our hand at. We can only give our all, believe in the support offered by those around us, and keep moving forward. Though the direction we need to go to move forward may change, we are always making progress.

You are enough, you are capable, you are courageous.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good dear readers. Peace.


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