Success is making stuff happen.

Lifting a bath into a nearly complete house with a good friend. Staying with a heavy conversation about necessary change to help people manage their mental health, and actively thinking how to make it happen. Expressing disappointment in the selection structures in place – or not – in sport and crafting conversation to help fix it. Leaving a shift at the hospital late and making your bus home thanks to courteous drivers stopping for you and the bus driver noticing and waiting. Using time wisely to write with pen and paper, instead of lamenting the lack of internet service to write in Google Docs.

Acknowledge the good things you do.

Trusting we are making progress towards the end product, and that little steps will get us to where we want to go can be difficult, especially when we thought we would make greater progress or go in a different direction. Sometimes what we plan to do is not what we actually get done. At these times we must take stock and remind ourselves we have made progress.

A work colleague always takes care to remind me we are solutions focussed. There are so many problems in the mental health sector we can never hope to fix all of them, or in fact even identify all of them. If we see one, talk about it, and then focus on how it could be done and the steps needed to get there. Communicate and work together to a solution. Success is lifting a bath into a nearly complete house with a friend.

Talk with friends about the good you are putting out into the world, because you are. My work spreads the importance of spending time with people, in person, and being fully present, and provides spaces and places for this to happen. I am blessed to be able to work for The Peer Tree as a branch of Kites, and see the positive impact they have in the community. I wish it could be more, and far reaching, and do this in the near future. But growth must be sustainable to ensure people are at the centre.

Success is communicating ideas to those around us and working together to bring these ideas to reality.

Be good, keep good, and sleep good, dear reader. Peace.


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