Bones’ Pro Tip #8

Pro tip: When you take a Timeout to give strategical advice, to either yourself or others in sport or in life, lead by example and put into practice what you’ve suggested.

In the sport of ultimate often the first thing that happens after a time out is the person giving the advice does the exact thing that isn’t working and needs to be changed. As an example, said in the Timeout: “Our long game isn’t working so let’s play shorter and safer. We still need deep cuts to move the defense but we need to throw shorter higher percentage options.” Back on the field after the time out and BAM! the disc gets thrown long to a cutter covered by two defenders while a completely free player watches the disc fly over their head.

I have been the culprit of this many times in my thirteen years of playing ultimate and still haven’t figured out a foolproof way to ensure I follow the new plan, save for staying on the sideline.

This advice about putting into practice sound advice we give appropriately translates to other areas of life. Areas where we know the logical, intelligent decision to make, and calmly coach ourselves to make it, but still don’t. A recurring theme in my life; continuing to write or play music instead of going to bed. “Just five more minutes” or “just one more play through” are excuses I repeatedly give myself, and even though I have the time to wind down early – which is not the case some days due to ultimate and DnD – I don’t. When we feel inspired it can be hard to quickly capture the idea or, less ideally, quash this inspiration until after we wake up, but sleep is a necessity.

The thing we are doing can also play a part in whether it is better to stop and sleep or let the creativity loose a little longer. A personal example of each:
1. When I should stop and sleep but don’t: watching a movie or TV, or playing video games, as they will be there tomorrow.
2. When five more minutes might be acceptable: writing a section of novel, poetry, music, or lyrics, as I’m liable to forget it and it will usually be something that will keep me awake anyway if I don’t capture the idea outside my mind.

Find what works for you and stick with it. If necessary take a Timeout to reassess what you need and give yourself permission to follow the advice you’ve given when you were in a space that may have been easier to think logically.



2 thoughts on “Bones’ Pro Tip #8

  1. Hamish says:

    Thank you for encouraging me to come back and read these. They are little nuggets of conscientiousness that past me has left, like a trail of positivity reminders.

    This advice is particularly important for me right now as I try once again to get a handle on my sleeping hours. I know the good decisions to make and often encourage others to make them, but I also need to make these decisions myself!


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