Bones’ Pro Tip #7

Pro Tip: Widen your awareness. Know where you are and attempt to know where as many other players on the field are as possible. This will encourage you to see any player when they cut anywhere on the field as often as is possible. It will help you recognise where defenders are so you can throw as early in the stall count as possible. Changing the angle of attack will keep defenders on the back foot. Having a greater awareness of the field will also help prevent collisions when cutting and bidding for discs, and give you a chance of noticing and potentially d-ing passes into spaces near you.

This is another tip that works for ultimate as well as life. While walking on the footpath make space when a person or people are walking towards you. Everyone benefits from the courtesy and can continue their journey more efficiently. It is not necessary to walk beside your conversation companion for all 100% of your journey. Hold the door open for those coming through, in either direction, or at least hold the door until they are close enough to reach it. Expect elevators to have occupants, just as a bus may having passengers getting off, and let them do so before getting on.

These are only a few bits of politeness that might help the world see itself as a wonderful place to be. I am but one human with but one set of life experiences, but I hope these words may speak to at least one other. We are all human and can inhabit the sphere we’re all on in a socially beautifully way, if we choose. Please, and thank you, and honesty can serve one well.

Peace, dear readers, on your next journey within the journey.


2 thoughts on “Bones’ Pro Tip #7

  1. Hamish says:

    As Brené Brown says, life is better when we assume everyone is doing their best. It can be difficult to be honest with ourselves about how we acted in a specific situation, whether that be exceeding or falling short of our expectation.

    What we can do next time, is choose kindness. Thank you for more insightful words. 🧡


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