Bones’ Pro tip #4


Pro tip: Over-communicate throughout life. Do it courteously and with love in your heart, especially if you are expressing something difficult. Listen to what people are saying, even when they use few or no words.

I believe the saying “there are no stupid questions.” I choose to take it one step further and say; “there are no stupid questions, only unasked ones.” Ask your questions often, when you can, and respect the answers given. Courage is required for both the call and response.

Extension homework, especially if you see someone is struggling and trying to reach out: Listen first. Think second. Talk third. Sometimes only one is necessary. Most often, two. Less often, three. Don’t be afraid to talk less and embrace the silence. Breathe it in. I like to talk and often do too much, but I know there is so much we can learn from actively listening. Try it sometime. You will be amazed.

More difficult extension homework: try reaching in. Sometimes others can’t reach out even though they are drowning and want to. Don’t wait. Don’t worry that they won’t appreciate it. At this time it’s not about you, so pull your pride to the side. When you’re both ok you can reassess that. Be honest. Both as you talk, but, more importantly as you listen to things that may hurt you.


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