Hiding from the heat

Day 2. 9/07/2018: Today was OK. Passably OK, but better than many possible outcomes. Brunch at The Original Pancake House consisted of salmon scrambled eggs, with a side of three reasonably sized pancakes and maple syrup. Filling and perhaps a bit too much food to have before our first training session. This would be the first time the entire squad including our internationally based players was together.

Our first training session was a light one but held during the hottest part of the day. This definitely helped begin the process of acclimatisation from single digit to mid-thirty degree temperatures. A quick warm-up, throwing drill, and handler reset drill later and most have thrown and received discs from team-mates just met. Coach then split us into three teams of seven and a mini tournament ensued, each game comprising the best of three points.

My right TFL has stopped being in pain. Left TFL is plagued more by discomfort than pain. Digging in with a lacrosse ball relieves this discomfort, but being in a seated position for long periods definitely leads to the requirement of encouraging mobility before doing anything even mildly strenuous.

Go jump in a lake. A legitimately pleasant and necessary experience, as is drinking water, especially after a sweat inducing training.

Back at camp a trade was completed. Our host loves the colour green and loves birds. With the history of the Aotearoa Na idea and sort design described and the amount of work my sister put into it explained, he was very keen to trade for it. See the photo for the results of the trade.

Muse for the day: This one is mostly well known but worth repeating to myself. At a summer tournament, in places like the US Midwest and the Philippines especially, if you’re on the sideline and don’t have water in your hand you should be searching for some.


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